Vendor Sourcing

Let’s face it… At some point, all sales pitches sound the same.

Whether your potential vendors are responding to your RFP / RFQ or presenting to you… don’t they always begin to look and sound the same?  “Great people, processes and technology, and regulators love us.”

Vendor Sourcing Services: (typically free to you)

In our unique model, we…

  • Align your strategy with vendor partners best-suited to deliver, at the right price.
  • “Keep a pulse” on what the industry says about performance and technology.  We stay plugged into the buyers, and generally ignore hype from those selling their own services.  We have some other innovative ways of staying IN THE KNOW, which we can discuss in private. 
  • Take the guesswork out of vendor selection.  We can help you “cut to the chase” by hand delivering you the Best of The Best vendor partners.  Save time and expense, while reducing complexity and the risk of choosing wrong.
  • Introduce you to vendor partners that will “do exactly what they say they do,” and only those that pass our own standards of performance and regulatory readiness.

Whether seeking outsourcing partners or any of the other mortgage transaction-type services (e.g. Appraisal, Title, Settlement, Closing, Attorney, Technology, Fraud & Risk, Data Services, QC, Servicing and more), our proven framework is worth itespecially as we generally provide this support for FREE.