Vendor Management

We Offer Advisory and Professional Services

Consulting / Advice
  • How to build an effective and high-performing vendor management platform
    • Performance-driven order allocation
    • Quality and cycle-time driven scorecards
    • Process and procedure documentation
    • Pricing / Fee strategies
  • Communications strategies, operational and executive, for you and your vendors
  • Where to place the team within the organization (e.g. Ops, Risk, Compliance, Shared Service, etc.)
  • What vendors to consider to meet specific objectives.  We can introduce you to partners that will “drive the entire herd”

Outsource Vendor Management to Us

  • We can build the model, then run the unit for a period of time, ultimately handing it back to you
  • Or, we can manage the vendor platform indefinitely
End-to-End or a-la-carte
Some clients ask us to manage absolutely everything, others prefer modular vendor management components, such as:

  • Operational due diligence
  • Contracting
  • Implementing and integrating vendor partners
  • Monthly scorecard management
  • Third party oversight & governance
  • Periodic auditing (onshore, near-shore and offshore)