Should We Outsource?

3Wp can help you…

  • Define your needs, opportunities and realistic goals
  • Create an implementation plan
  • Get your organization and it’s leaders comfortable with outsourcing
  • Hand deliver you to vendor partners that make you stronger

Why Do Organizations Outsource?

Reasons vary widely, because opportunities are based purely upon unique needs and objectives.  Whether considering IT development help, or outsourcing processes and/or contact centers, below are some insights into the realities.



Cost Save

Historically, this has been THE lure.  We can usually help you begin saving about 40% on labor alone.  You will enjoy added savings from reduced lease space, equipment (furniture, desktop, phone), shared services support (IT services, HR & recruiting, payroll, etc.), downsizing (layoffs, taxes, unemployment claims, etc.).  Employee morale can also remain more stable when not constantly hiring and firing to keep pace with volumes.

Flexible Staffing

By far, the most over-looked benefit.  Executives seek our help to build a flexible staffing model that keeps their internal shops more stable, as we introduce a reputable outsource partner to share the staffing risk.  Outsource vendors know their role, realizing they often shrink first in down times.  


You can take advantage of a highly educated global labor pool, custom-fit to your needs.  You will have a voice in the recruitment and hiring strategy.  You may be surprised at the industry specific core competencies built in certain countries and vendors.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

In almost every case, you will get free advice from brilliant minds using Six Sigma and LEAN principles.  In fact, 3Wp vendor partners know that when we deliver clients to them, process improvement is required.  Furthermore, we can generally work with each side to make such quality and/or cycle-time gains contractual, either lowering your fees or increasing your capacity at no extra cost.


3Wp vendor partners are capable and committed to collaborating with you at every turn in order to help you “build a better mouse trap.”  In fact, we have seen where our vendor partners have brought forth innovations that ultimately hurt their own revenue streams.  This is because 3Wp deals in honesty and integrity, and we won’t align ourselves (or you) with anything less.  We focus on the long-term success of partnerships.  That is accomplished by doing what’s right, at all times.