Soft Skills University®

Right or wrong, Americans often “cringe” at the sound of a foreign accent.  However, it is because of no fault of the service rep or outsource vendor.  The companies sending the work to them often fail to adequately prepare their outsource partners.  Soft Skills University® is the solution.

Even when the outsource agent speaks superb English, it can still be a tough experience for all parties.  It does not have to be that way.  When managed effectively, you have the ability to render “voice and accent” issues virtually insignificant.   It can be done, and in fact, is already being done today.

If you are considering outsourced contact centers, or revolutionizing those you already have, we can help to ensure your customers have a positive experience, protecting your brand.

What is your competitive advantage in outsourcing?  Our 1-day training experience is truly one-of-a-kind, without any known rivals.  3Wp was founded with this training experience as a flagship product offering.

The typical outsource model is to train the vendor staff on the systems and processes, while ensuring the contact center agents go through the usual “voice and accent” pre-hire screening and post-hire training.  Learning how to correctly pronounce the word “Louisiana” does nothing to deliver a service experience Americans demand.

Go beyond “voice and accent” programs, as they are not the solution.  Everyone has them, and they have been perfected for years.  Still yet, Americans cringe, because they do not solve our REAL needs.  As a result, some companies have begun to scale back outsourced operations.  That is unfortunate, because you can be wildly successful in almost every region of the world, including India.

Reach out to us and learn about the fundamentals of Soft Skills University®, and what makes it so revolutionary.   At 3Wp, we truly have the “secret sauce,” and will teach contact center staff how to:

  • listen, and fully understand the real reason why the customer made the call
  • show empathy, offering an apology that sounds meaningful and heartfelt
  • utilize the soft skills Americans crave (versus sounding scripted and/or robotic)
  • how to improve tone to instill more confidence
  • how to make a personal connection, every time

Not only can you control your own destiny by way of a substantially improved customer experience, when executed effectively, these customer contacts can also be much shorter in duration.  Better service, lower cost.