About Us

We exist to help organizations drive UP performance and drive DOWN costs.

3W Partners (3Wp) provides Advisory and highly-targeted Professional Services in:

  • Global Outsourcing:  Onshore, Near-shore and Offshore;  IT, Business Process and Contact Center
  • Vendor Sourcing & Management:  Consider us a “vendor broker” on a global level.  We first understand your specific needs and goals.  We then identify the best vendor partners in those respective categories.  In our classic broker model, this is generally FREE to you.  You can also outsource vendor management duties to us, leveraging this 3Wp core-competency, including regulatory requirements.
  • Process Re-engineering:  End-to-end, lenders and vendors, including integrating technology.
  • Consulting Services:  To optimize process, workflow, technology, and of course… RESULTS.

We deliver PERFORMANCE, whether it comes from us directly, or a “platinum partner” we introduce you to.  We only deal in PARTNERS, not “vendors.”

Whatever your needs, 3Wp would like to earn your business.